About us

Our motto has been "Discipline, solution, trust and quality" since 2011. As Vepa Engineering we offer turn-key construction solutions. Starting with project planning and design; we cover interior and exterior architecture, electrics, mechanics, electronics, automation, publishing, building management, testing and commissioning and consultancy services. 

We've successfully completed turn-key design and built construction projects for modern, commercial buildings such as hotels, malls, hospitals, religious buildings, sport centers and conference halls in East Europe, Central Asia, CIS Countries, Africa and Indian region tropical islands. 

We always reflect the future in our projects and work estimating the next 20 years, taking life cycle of the building into consideration. We also manage the buildings and handle the planning process considering potential problems that may take place in future and also provide service. 

We implement completely smart building systems. We also represent brands that are powerhouses in their area. We make applications and develop softwares with our experienced, specialized and certified personnel. All these systems, adding value to buildings and facilities, consist of products and softwares that are in conformance with EN15232 standards and provide an energy saving of 30% percent in all spaces and %50 in our cold room projects. Thus, our customers both save time and financial costs. 

Our company is environmentally friendly and in such an era, where utilization of high-tech is inevitable, show ultimate attention to provide energy-efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Vepa Engineering has been the architect of innovative, distinctive and high-quality projects since day one and provided safe, comfortable and technological living spaces to its customers. 

Being a pioneer in the industry, we, as Vepa Engineering, follow our projects meticulously from start to delivery and work with ultimate devotion from with our technical staff and administration.